Coralina Lemos
C. Lemos by Victor Lemos, Toronto

Welcome to Corktown History.

I officially became a member of the Corktown, Toronto, community in 1981. Back then it was my curiosity with the area's name that led me to research its history. Still, what stunned me at the time was that throughout the neighbourhood there were no visible monikers of the name. With this information I approached officials at the City of Toronto and was successful at having an unidentified road named, Corktown Lane.

Yet, throughout my years living here and researching the area I was able to identify misappropriated historical information, belonging to Corktown, that had been credited elsewhere.

My journey in attempting to make this book project possible has had its challenges, but out-shined with gratification made possible from family descendants who opened their doors to me. Hence, I found myself with no other options but to take my husband's advice when he said to me, “if you want a book on Corktown then you will have to write it.” His words impelled me to take up the challenge, as up to now no one else had.

The book launched on Monday, December 3, 2018, just in time for its 200th anniversary of first settlement, June 2019. For insight as to the book's content, I have put together a simplified index of surnames on the page identified as: Genealogy & Research.

A broader version of this page is available in my book.

Coralina R. Lemos
Author and Corktown Historian.
Tour Guide, Researcher, Photographer

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