2023: May 7 - Jane's Walk Toronto: "Corktown— See it before it's gone!"









2022: May 7-9 - Jane's Walk Toronto - Shared Stories: Historic Corktown Past and Present









color picture of former IDLE Hour Movie Theatre

May 7-9 - Jane's Walk Toronto - The History of Corktown's First Movie Theatre 2021 Revised Version
(Link to YouTube Video)






January 18 (Saturday)– Royal Ontario Museum – Presented to Museum Volunteers ROMWalks

February 8 (Saturday) – Toronto Post Card Club – Presented at AGM

March 29 (Sunday) - Corktown Street Sign Unveiling (Myer Willinsky Lane) & Free History Walk (postponed)

Video title Card with outline image of Jane Jacobs May 1-3 (Fri-Sun) - Jane's Walk Toronto 2020 : 

(Link to YouTube Video)

The History of Corktown's First Movie Theatre

March 26 (Tuesday) - Corktown: Its Shakers, Idols and Guardians presentation @ Riverdale Historical Society

May 5 (Sunday) - Corktown: A Bicentennial Walk @Jane's Walk Toronto 2019

Crowd of People with backs turned facing tour guide Coralina Lemos / Cory Lemos

June 8 (Sunday) - Free walking tours of Corktown courtesy of City of Toronto, King-Parliament Review.
(morning) Corktown: Queen Street Walking Tour, (afternoon) – Corktown: King Street Walking Tour

Nov 29, 2019 Guest Speaker at Spadina House, Event "We Will Remember Them"

photo of Coralina Lemos with world war 1 mementos on table

*Dec. 3, 2018 (Monday) - Corktown History - Book Launch

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